Best iOS & Windows Emulator For Android 2019

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Emulators are great for gaming, development, and to boost your app’s productivity. For such reasons, they are always in high demand among players as well as app developers. If you too want to gain the benefits of an emulator, then here check some of the best emulators for Android that are easy to use and available for free.

Best iOS & Windows Emulator For Android 2019

Android Studio

Loaded with many tools, Android Studio makes apps and games easily accessible for Androids. This emulator lets you test your games or apps before the final launch, and hence, is an excellent solution for developers. Though it comes with a little intricate setup, is designed to work a long time. It supports Kotlin, which is ideal for developers who want to try out this functionality.


By installing this emulator to Google Chrome extension, you get the ability to run Android games and apps easily. In order to run it, you first have to install it to Chrome and then gain APKs and load them. It is compatible with most of the operating system and is available for free.

Cider Apk

Cider is one of the ios emulator available out there, it is developed by the XDA developers. It helps you to play all the iOS apps & games on your Android device without rooting or paying a dime. You can get list of iOS emulators from Android Crush. Download the iOS emulator for Android like Cider Apk or iEMU & enjoy


It is a new Android emulator for PCs that focuses mainly on gaming. It comes with key-mapping functionality to let the emulate control your keyboard. You can record your games while playing and upload the same wherever you want. It comes with an easy installation process and runs in a virtual machine.


This is one of the best emulators for Android that comes with an excellent feature supporting Intel chipsets and AMD. In addition to this, the emulator supports Kit Kat, Lollipop, and Jelly Bean. You can run numerous instances at a time for many games or testing functionalities. It can be used as a productivity tool as well.

Nox Player

This Android emulator is an excellent choice for PC for gamers. It comes with key-mapping, actual controller support, and the potential to key-map the gesture controls. Using this emulator is easy and lots of fun. It is available for free and can be used on PCs and laptops.

You now know the best Android emulators. So, download your favorite one and give it a try as for most of them you don’t have to spend even a single penny.

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