GTA Alternatives For Android You Should Play 2019

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Imagine the following synopsis. You are a criminal who released from the prison and get to know the news about your mother death. When you returned to your neighbourhood your family and friends are facing disaster in San Andreas. You decided to take the whole gangster world into your control.

This is really exciting right. Becoming a gangster means holding the powers and take whole world under your control. Well, this will not happen in real world. But it will happen in the virtual world and you can do whatever you want as a gangster.  GTA (Grand Theft Auto) doesn’t need any special introduction. It is one of the most consistent games in the gaming universe and no other game can take its place till now. The game recorded with millions and millions of downloads and people are still making in-app purchases to enjoy full cars and guns game.

GTA Alternatives For Android 2019 You Should PLay

Many gaming freaks across the world enjoy this amazing game since its initial release. You can check games like GTA San Andreas, Vice City & Others. We can say this is the great open universe game that you shouldn’t miss to play. If you are searching for GTA Alternatives for Android like similar missions and chase the rivals, then you on right stage.

Gangster Town

Developer: Naxeex Studio

Price: Free

Download: Google Play Store

The Gangster Town takes you to the GTA scenario where there is no proper law enforcement. In this game, you need to steal the car or bike which you want to drive or ride and fight with the opponents using advance military level weapons. You can use various weapons from machine guns to bazookas.

This game was beautifully designed with high-quality 3D graphics along with super technical mechanics. You can see the cars, vehicles and battle environments are destroy-able same as in GTA.

Some special forces try to stop you from chasing and you need to complete different missions you have to complete and earn coins, money, fuel and more. There is no limit in this city of crime.

Rope Hero: Vice Town

Developer: Naxeex LLC

Price: Free

Download: Google Play Store

If you want to project yourself as a one man solider then this game perfect alternative for you. You will step into the crime world as a young one man army with lost memory. You need to go on the missions or quests and get back your memory. At first you have learn how to survive in the dirty place and learn the ways of crime.

Team up with other criminals and fight with the people who stand in your way. You need to complete 10 quest lines in each mission and receive clues about your own identity. Players can experience the real-life shooting with high-tech guns, bombs, stainless bullets, vehicles and much more.

Grand Gangsters 3D

Developer: Doodle Mobile Ltd.

Price: Free

Download: Google Play Store

Grand Gangsters 3D also comes with same scenario where you have to face dirty neighbourhood and harassing people each time. In this game, you turn into a gangster and take the city under your control to have a peaceful life.

You have to shoot out the enemies who come in your way with full-loaded guns. Complete the criminal missions and earn lots of money and mark your name as a most-wanted guy in the city. You can take part in amazing motor races.

If you want 3D shooting virtual game on your Android device then go with this game. It leaves you speechless with its high-quality graphics, fabulous sound effects and much more.

Grand Gang City

Developer: Super FPS Games

Price: Free

Download: Google Play Store

This Grand Gang City portraits the Los Angeles culture in a different light. The game introduces the city that was ruled by different gangsters. You will be one among them where a specific area of the city is under your control.

Your brother was murdered in a gang war and it’s time to take the revenge by fighting against other gangsters. This game comes in a bit more thrilling way than GTA.


No doubt, most of the shooting game lovers like GTA. If you want to try something similar to that game, then check out the above list and get your favourite gangster game on your Android devices. Don’t hesitate to drop your queries in the comment section below.

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