Buy Olivia Pope’s White Hat From Scandal’s Season Finale!

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Scandal’s Kerry Washington shows off style and elegance in this Louise Green’s winter white “Danny” in Scandal’s season 2 x 22 finale “White Hat’s Back On.”

In the finale episode, David Rosen left a box in Olivia’s office labeled “Olivia Pope” filled with evidence pertaining Albatross, a.k.a “The Mole” Billy Chambers. Also inside the box was stunning, elegant, symbolic white hat. The ‘White Hat’ symbolizes “one who is admirable and honorable.”

Olivia Pope’s white hat is finally back on and she appears to be ready to fix and protect her clients to the fullest.  Well, after Olivia get through her own scandal from being reported to the press as “The President’s Mistress” on the season’s finale.

Olivia Pope is wearing a Danny in winter white velour with narrow velvet band and beaded applique..

You can purchase Oliva Pope’s classy, exquisite white hat at

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