Cyrus Beene

Cyrus Beene 101 – Dedicated to supporting President Grant – Brought Olivia in to save Grant’s campaign – Not afraid to get his hands dirty Character Bio Cyrus Beene was a political animal from day one. You’d think all those campaigns—all that salesmanship and back-door dealings—would make him jaded and cynical…. Continue reading

Buy Olivia Pope’s White Hat From Scandal’s Season Finale!

Scandal’s Kerry Washington shows off style and elegance in this Louise Green’s winter white “Danny” in Scandal’s season 2 x 22 finale “White Hat’s Back On.” In the finale episode, David Rosen left a box in Olivia’s office labeled “Olivia Pope” filled with evidence pertaining Albatross, a.k.a “The Mole” Billy Chambers. Also inside… Continue reading